About Us & Our Mission

Vision Statement

Indigenous Womens Knowledge is committed to, and works with, Indigenous peoples and organizations to facilitate living in a world that values healthy women, healthy children, healthy communities, healthy traditions, healthy environments, healthy futures and culture for all indigenous peoples where human rights are recognized and people are living and working together to their fullest potential.

Mission Statement

Indigenous Womens Knowledge is committed to restoring traditional knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual beliefs among the indigenous women and children – for they are our future. (7) Seven generations: (3) three back, (3) three forward, for we are the seventh.

Our Purpose

Indigenous Womens Knowledge provides a broad range of services focusing in the areas listed below, but not limited to these specific areas:

  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Educational programs on healthy women and children
  • Educational programs on generational trauma, abuse, and emotional trauma
  • Educational programs on indigenous cultural and environmental sustainability through participation, lectures, and presentations.
  • Cultural understanding and education of indigenous communities
  • To build relationships with indigenous peoples and work together internationally on projects that restore cultural identity and traditional practices.
  • Bring understanding of today’s world through an indigenous perspective

Guiding Principles

Knowledge, Generation of colonization have eroded the traditional values that once made the strength of indigenous women, to carry the knowledge of their people. Together we as indigenous women can weave a basket of strength to collect and share – wisdom, traditions, spiritual, heart, health, and emotional well being for all of our children and communities. We are the gatherers and the heart of every indigenous community.

Indigenous Women’s Knowledge is a Non-Profit Organization that strives to provide international services to indigenous peoples and communities through presentations, lectures, and educational programs. We strive to create an opportunity to become traditional self-aware and self-efficient through educational programs, lectures, including indigenous group, community, and tribal participation within the state, national, and international level. These programs will include – but not be limited to :

  • Educational programs
  • Community and School Youth Services
  • Education for Self Sufficiency
  • Traditional Programs
  • Cultural Revitalization
  • Environmental, Health, and Wellness Programs
  • Indigenous Cultural Exchange Programs within Indigenous communities both nationally and internationally

Indigenous Women’s Knowledge shall establish programs with the intent, but not limited to, creating ways of improving academic and social success for indigenous peoples, communities and tribes on the national and international levels.


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