Indigenous Women’s Knowledge – Healthy Women, Healthy Children

We reconnect women with their cultural identities while breaking the cycles of trauma, abuse, and poverty.

An Introduction

Of the many problems facing Native American communities, and Indigenous communities more generally, it is the problem of abuse. Abuse in this case being the misuse of Holy and Sacred things.

All life is Holy and Sacred, a gift from Mother Earth. Given this beginning, we begin to understand how it is that the various abuses that we hear so much about (alcohol, drugs, etc.) begin with the abuse of the community’s most sacred asset – the woman. Women who are abused become unable to fulfill their sacred responsibility as the foundation of their families and communities.¬†Women are the foundation, heart, root, beginning of life, home and communities. Without their knowledge and guidance, we are lost.


“A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”

– Jan Jan Katu